Sara Cruz Coaching Love

"Sara was able to do more than listen to what I was saying.  She was able to really grasp intuitively what I meant and lay a more clear path to what I really wanted. I was struggling with clarity in what it was that I was meant for, and in one session she helped me to pinpoint my desire and gave me the support and encouragement I needed to just go for it." -Kirstie, California, Transformational/Business Coach
"I have seen several therapists during my lifetime and dealt with depression for many years. I wish I had found Sara long ago! Her ideas are really do-able, make sense and changed my life. I could have spent much more time being happy and confident rather than letting my own negativity rule my life." -Susanne, New York, Owner, Jewelry Company
"As a busy mum, student and entrepreuner I was in complete overwhelm with my time management and workload. Sara helped me get control of my days and increase my productivity. With her help I have just passed my first year at university and am about to launch my first website - without her tips I would have had a meltdown long ago. Thanks Sara!" -Abi, England, Business Coach
"Sara is good at keeping things upbeat.  Her mindset work is easy to understand and helped me to change how I view certain things.  She's also very motivating, encouraging, and supportive." -Kate, NY, Spiritual Mentor & Chakra Healer
"Everything Sara has ever shared with me changed my life." -Crystal, TN, FB Marketer
"Sara reminded me that my past does not equate my future.  She reminded me that I am a strong and resilient woman who is capable of writing a new story for my life.  Not only did she remind me of this, she gave me the tools and the strength to forge ahead with this fresh new mindset.  Thank you Sara!" -Mischa, Certified Angel Card Reader
"I loved working with Sara on shifting my mindset to one that I am deserving of the good things that I want from life. Her compassion shows through in her words, suggestions, and her support. Because of my coaching with Sara I am renewed in my path to follow dreams that I have had for sometime, and plans to put them into action. Coming from a place of feeling like I was holding myself back because I didn't think I was good enough, to now understanding that I DO deserve all the good things in my life, and despite what others may try to lead me to believe, I am enough, and I am worthy. When your heart and your mind come together, it can be a powerful experience." Sharon, TX, LIMU Representative